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Working Exchange|換宿萬萬「睡」!


【OINN福利 Offer】

◎ 免費睡翻背包房 🛏️  Single bunk bed in dormitory

◎ 免費狂騎腳踏車 🚴(臺南巷弄潮旅限定) Free bike (Oinn.H.H Tainan Branch only)

◎ 假日(週六.週日)工作提供餐費$80🍞 The working day at weekend will give the meal allowance $80

◎ 花大$也買不到的美好回憶 🌈 Wonderful memories that you can't buy


【體驗說明 Work Description】

◎ 配合夥伴協助現場交辦工作,例:櫃台行政作業、整床、吸地、擦拖鞋、打掃公共區域...等。

Cooperate with partners to assist on-site tasks, such as administrative work at the counter, clean rooms and public areas... etc.

◎ 工作時間為每週工作5天/休息2天;平日4hrs/假日6hrs;時段以館內相關部門安排為主。※週末必為工作日

Working hours are 5 working days and 2 days off per week; 4hrs on weekdays / 6hrs on holidays; time periods are mainly arranged by relevant departments. ※ Weekend must be working day.

◎ 體驗換宿結束前,請於個人社群平台上分享您的體驗心得及照片並 @tag OINN.H.H 官方社群(FB/IG)。

Before the end of the working exchange, please share your experience and photos on your personal social media and @tag OINN.H.H official account. (FB/IG)

◎ 小幫手工作若無法達到預期標準(試用日滿5天),換宿計畫將提前終止,其暫停日期將由館方決定,換宿者不得異議。

【注意事項 Notice】

◎ 響應環保,請自備盥洗用品及個人備品。In response to environmental protection, please bring your own toiletries and personal accessories.

◎ 體驗換宿期間請嚴格遵守館內相關規定。Please follow the rules during the working exchange.

◎ OINN.H.H保有體驗換宿活動最終解釋權利。OINN.H.H reserves the right of final interpretation. 


【體驗懶人包 Working Experience Project】 

❶【才藝換宿 Talent Project 】



Talent show and helper work days can discuss together.

Stay at least 1 week .

Welcome to you who are full of skills (Artists, travel writers, guitarists...) !

❷【打工換宿 Helper project 】


小幫手5天 + 休假2天;至少住14晚。

Helper 5 days + 2 days off 

Stay at least 2 weeks. 

 Welcome to you who are full of passion and power !